Quinton Aluminum Ramp System for the most Versatility

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Quinton Aluminum RampA Quinton aluminum ramp system is the most versatile of all ramp styles. The welded aluminum construction offers a lightweight design, that is stronger and more durable than wood. These Quinton wheelchair ramps can be disassembled and reused at different Quinton locations, and they can be set up in most any configuration. The aluminum surface is virtually maintenance free. Installation is quick and does not require a building permit since it can be considered a temporary structure. There are pros and cons of aluminum ramps and wood ramps. Quinton aluminum ramps are the most effective choice and are maintenance free and minimal tools are required. A 24′ foot ramp can be installed in under 1 hour.

Quinton aluminum ramps can be permanent or temporarily installed and can be reconfigured and moved. Also if you live where there is snow and salt it will not hurt an aluminum ramp like it would a hurt wood ramp.  The best Quinton ramps out there are the aluminum ramps. You can make them in any size or length. It all depends on the length, height, and the width of your wheelchair or scooter and the size of the house or building you are trying to get in to.

To meet ADA codes you must have 1 foot of ramp run for every 1 inch of rise. There are exceptions to this rule only if there are space restrictions. So if a porch and steps have a total rise of 24 inches, 24 feet of ramping would be required. No wheelchair ramps can be made that are over 30 feet without an intermediate resting platform. This platform may be a straight or turn platform. The resting platform must be a least 60 inches in length and as wide as the ramp that is leading up to it. Any platform that changes direction must be at least 60 inches by 60 inches. Handrails are required on any Quinton wheelchair ramp that has a rise over 6 inches or ramps that are over 6 feet in length. Handrails are required on both sides of ramps with continuous rails on switchback and dogleg platforms.

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