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Richmond Wheel Chair Ramps – Which One is the Right One?

Wheel chair ramps can be a life-saver for those who who find their mobility suddenly limited. Just because a person is confined to a wheelchair does not mean that their accessibility to their house or other places needs to be limited. One thing that can make this easier is by constructing a ramp to reach […]

Wooden Wheelchair Ramps in Richmond

Category: Wooden Ramps

I have recently noticed a great deal of interest in information on building wooden wheelchair ramps. While I recently wrote an article that covered the building of concrete ramps here at my own residence. I thought I would cover building a wooden wheelchair ramp. I have in the past built several wooden ramps. Richmond wooden […]

Richmond Wheelchair Ramps and How to Choose One

There are many people who use wheelchair ramps or power scooters, either because they can’t stand for long periods of time or because their legs don’t operate in a proper fashion. Quite simply put, wheelchair ramps are inclining planes which facilitate those who use wheelchairs to access their homes or other buildings. Being able to […]

Choosing the Right Richmond Wheelchair Ramp

The first step in deciding whether to purchase a portable ramp for your needs or whether to have a permanent ramp installed is naturally whether or not the need for the ramp will be very long-term. But in some cases, such as during recovery and recuperation from illness or injury, it still might be best […]

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