Richmond Wheel Chair Ramps – Which One is the Right One?

Richmond Wheel Chair RampsWheel chair ramps can be a life-saver for those who who find their mobility suddenly limited. Just because a person is confined to a wheelchair does not mean that their accessibility to their house or other places needs to be limited. One thing that can make this easier is by constructing a ramp to reach areas that otherwise would be accessed by stairs.

There are many different types of wheel chair ramps available. Some ramps are portable so they can be toted to wherever they’re needed, whereas others are more or less permanent fixtures at the structure where they are placed. Ramps can be purchased from many different locations and they can be made from many different types of materials.

Ramps can also be home-made by your loved ones, for those who know how to build basic constructs. Homemade ramps can also come in many forms, but the most common are Richmond concrete ramps and wooden ramps. Wooden ramps are more common when people decide to build one themselves since they are often cheaper and easier to build than concrete ramps. Often, buying a ramp from somewhere else and simply setting it up is the easiest and least expensive of all these methods. However, building one yourself from a reliable set of plans can be quite inexpensive.

Aluminum Sectional Wheelchair Ramp Systems are an example of semi-permanent systems, meaning that they can be taken down and moved if needed but they are also permanent enough that they will stay until place until you are ready to move them. Aluminum is a lighter-weight material than the galvanized steel, which makes it preferable to some people. Also, these ramps have a non-slip surface to give you more peace of mind along with a non-rust finish.

Galvanized steel ramps can be permanent or semi-permanent and are much sturdier than its aluminum counterpart. These types of ramps have a capacity of 1500 pounds and are suitable for all types of wheelchairs. They also offer a non-rust, non-slip surface and can have an open grate style surface that allows dirt and other debris to fall through instead of staying on the surface. With this type of open grate surface, there is also less of a chance for snow and ice accumulation in the winters.

A concrete deck style ramp is a convenient option to a completely concrete ramp. Because these are not permanent ramps from poured concrete, they give all the benefits of a concrete ramp without worrying about permanency. If you decide to sell your home and move, you can take this ramp with you. The frame of these ramps is made of heavy duty steel with a concrete panel surface.

There are many other styles, shapes, even colors of ramps. To truly get a feel for everything that’s out there, do a Google or Yahoo search on wheel chair ramps. No matter which type you choose, you have many options that allow you the mobility and peace of mind that you desire.

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