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Wheelchair Ramp Types In Richmond

When it comes to installing a new wheelchair ramp for your Richmond home or business, there are a number of different materials to choose from that can all have a big effect on the performance and function of your accessibility ramp for all the years you have it in place. Here at Richmond Ramps, our team of accessibility ramp specialists have the skill and experience necessary to help you find and install the perfect new ramp for your home or business, and make sure that the results of your project are something that will serve you well for many years to come. For all of your Richmond accessibility ramp service needs, give our team of professionals a call today and prepare to see the difference that quality can make.

Residential Wheelchair Ramps

If you or a family member rely on a wheelchair for mobility, having a dependable wheelchair ramp in place that will allow you or your family member safe and easy access to your home is a must. Our team of professionals will work with you directly to identify what your specific needs are and help you come up with a design that meets them perfectly.

Commercial Wheelchair Ramps

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to ensure all of your customers have safe and convenient access to your building at all times, and in order to make sure that is the case for any customers that might have special accessibility needs, having a convenient and well-built commercial wheelchair ramp in place at various points of your property is a must. Our team of professionals can help you go over the layout of your property and help you find the most effective and convenient places for installation.

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum wheelchair ramps can be an excellent alternative to standard wooden ramps when you are looking for a ramp that is both easy to install and can take a great deal of punishment from the elements. Aluminum ramps come in a wide variety of different styles to ensure that your ramp not only fulfills all of your accessibility needs, but also goes well aesthetically with the style of your home.

Wood Wheelchair Ramps

Wood wheelchair ramps are one of the most popular ramp options on the market today. Although they might not be as durable as aluminum, what they lack in natural durability is more than made up for in cost-effectiveness. This can be a wonderful option if you are working within a strict budget, and provides you with a number of different aesthetic possibilities as well. While not as naturally durable as aluminum, with the right care, your wooden wheelchair ramp can last you a lifetime.

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps are an absolutely essential addition to your home if you or one of your family members require the use of a wheelchair. Threshold ramps allow anyone in a wheelchair to safely and easily navigate over door jambs, curbs, or any raised landings in the house, and are absolutely necessary to ensure your entire home is conveniently accessible.

Curb Ramps

If you or loved one require the use of a wheelchair, you understand quite well how difficult it can be to navigate over curbs, and if you have any on your property that are in high traffic areas, a curb ramp might be something to look at investing in. Our team of Richmond accessibility ramp specialists can provide you with a range of different options and help you find the one that is going to perfectly suit your needs.

Butt Ramps

If you have any raised curbs or thresholds around your home's entryways or anywhere throughout your house that might make it difficult for you or a loved one in a wheelchair to conveniently move about the house, a butt ramp might be the solution to your problems. A butt ramp is used to facilitate the ease of navigating your wheelchair over these thresholds and curbs, giving you or your loved ones a safe and easy way to move about the house.

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