The Different Types of Henrico Threshold Ramps

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Henrico Threshold RampsThere are different types of  Henrico threshold ramps to suit many different people and needs. Since so many Henrico buildings have different layouts and structures, you can never count on them to be easily wheelchair accessible. This is when having a portable ramp comes in handy. Here are several different types and their general purpose

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum is the material most often used in portable threshold ramps, making them very lightweight when transporting them around. The extendable versions of these ramps make them very versatile for maneuvering about the Henrico home or office, and can be extended several feet on either side of the doorway. Aluminum ramps are designed to hold more weight than most, making them perfect for use with scooters, power chairs and even heavy-duty wheelchairs.


Finally, Henrico rubber threshold ramps are designed for areas where extra traction may be needed. Built with molded treads, they are non-slip in nature, making them perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen, shower area, pool area or outdoor deck. Portability is even greater with rubber ramps, as they can easily be rolled up and stored in a pouch on the wheelchair.

Portable and Easy To Use

Henrico threshold ramps can be folded and carried at home or if traveling.   They do not have to be affixed in any fashion, and should be placed when needed at an angle that does not make using them dangerous. Some of them come in a fixed length, while others can be extended to at least three feet on either side of the doorway. Still others are best used in outdoor areas that are exposed to the weather or anywhere else that extra traction may be needed, like in a bathroom or shower area.

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