Tips for Placing Wheelchair Access and Ramps

Richmond Wheelchair AccessWheelchairs provide a wonderful service in helping those with limited mobility enjoy the independence and quality of life that they deserve. Unfortunately, the availability of wheelchair access into many public and private businesses and residences is not wide spread. If you are looking into providing a Richmond wheelchair access ramp at your business or home, keep the following tips in mind.

Stairs are the number one stumbling block inside Richmond homes and businesses for a wheelchair user. Options to deal with stairs are to build an elevator, or the more economical option– adding special equipment to the stair railing to electronically lift the wheelchair up the stairs. This option is easier to install and costs less than elevator construction.

To get back to ramps, however, you should consider placement at bathroom entrances. Sometimes a small ramp is needed because there is a small difference in floor levels between bathrooms and other parts of the building, especially in houses. Special rails should also be installed next to the toilet and bathtub, which can be used by wheelchair users to get in and out of their chairs.

Richmond wheelchair ramps are used in strategic locations to make it easier for disabled people to gain easier access to many places where they may have trouble getting to, like businesses located in older buildings with only stairs, or houses that do not sit flat on the ground.

The Americans with Disabilities Act also has some requirements for ramps that are used, too. Since ramps can be quite long in some cases, enough space for the length, slope and height of the ramp should be taken into account.

The three kinds of ramps are permanent, semi-permanent and portable. The permanent kind is usually cemented or bolted to the ground. The semi-permanent kind is removable, but usually rests on the ground or cement pads for special circumstances. The portable ramps are useful for travelling as they are usually made of aluminum, making them very lightweight.



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