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Kinds of Ramps to Make Mobility a Non-Issue

Kinds of Ramps to Make Mobility Issues a Non-Issue

Should you rely on a wheelchair or other such mobility device to get about, you don't have to worry that certain areas of your home will be rendered inaccessible.

After all, you simply need to get an appropriate kind of wheelchair ramp depending on the area you need to access, and you'll be able to get to that area without a problem. What kinds of ramps are those? Well, to name three of the most popular options . . .

Threshold Ramps to Get About Indoors

One of the biggest headaches you might endure while getting about in your wheelchair occurs as you transition from one room to the other. If the doors between rooms don't allow a smooth transition, you could face the prospect of going from room to room with trepidation and frustration.

If you want to get about in your home smoothly with no frustration, get threshold ramps. Threshold ramps provide an easy, smooth transition among your rooms, allowing you to get about your home without a problem.

Curb Ramps to Get About Outdoors

Of course, wheelchair or not, no one should want to spend their lives indoors. There's a beautiful world to see, and even if you're in a wheelchair, you should be able to get out and see it easily and freely.

And a great way to ease your outdoor mobility is with wheelchair curb ramps. As their name implies, curb ramps ease the transition between the curb and the road, allowing you smooth mobility when getting out and about in town.

Butt Ramps for Elevated Entrances

If your home features an elevated deck area, you might feel something akin to dread when you consider having such a feature in your home when you rely on a wheelchair to get about. But the good news is that you can get a butt ramp to make an elevated entrance a non-issue.

Butt ramps allow you to move your wheelchair up to tall, elevated entrances smoothly and easily. So, with butt ramps, you can enjoy an elevated deck or entrance without stressing yourself over the prospect of working your way up or down it.

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