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What to Expect During A Wheelchair Ramp Consultation

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There are different reasons that you may find yourself in need of a wheelchair ramp. You may have someone in your household who has suffered an injury and has their mobility temporarily restricted. It could be that you are planning to convert your current house into an aging in place home, and want to make mobility easier. Whatever the case may be, the project generally starts with a consultation, in order to determine what ramp would be right for you.

Be in the Know

Once you have made arrangements to meet with a professional for a consultation in your Richmond home, you should have some idea of what to expect. Keep in mind, a true industry expert will come to you because they need to see your current home, and find out what obstacles they may be up against. Any ramp salesperson who claims they don't need to come to you is just that – a salesperson and not a wheelchair ramp industry expert.

During the consultation, your professional expert will want to know more about whether this is permanent or temporary. It probably comes as no surprise that this is a big determining factor in the type of ramp you end up with. If the person relying on the wheelchair is expected to regain mobility, then you have different options and should be showed those, accordingly.

Are you going for strictly functional, or would you like decorative? It is true that more ornamental options cost more, but they also afford you the opportunity to work this into your design, in a more cohesive manner. If this is going to be a permanent part of your home, why not make it as attractive as possible?

During your in-home consultation is the ideal time for the professional to advise you about what ways the ramps they offer can make life easier for the user. Plus, they can show you the comfort features of the different options that they have available.

Expert Help With You in Mind

At Richmond Ramps, your comfort and satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we also offer services such as ramp relocation and removal. We want to be your full scale service team, for all tasks related to your ramp needs. Call today to schedule your wheelchair ramp design and consultation service, and get help from the experts.

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