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Wood or Aluminum? Which Type of Wheelchair Ramp is Right For You?

Wooden wheelchair ramp by Richmond Ramps

Making adjustments to your home so that it is user-friendly for anyone with limited mobility often includes implementing a wheelchair ramp. Suddenly, you realize, there are actually quite a styles to choose from and decisions to make about this ramp, including what material to select. Two of the most commonly selected materials are wood and aluminum, and gaining better insight as to what the pros and cons of each are, will help you make the best choice for your individual situation.

Regardless of the material, a few things are universal for any type of wheelchair ramp. For one thing, you need to still have a landing outside entry doors that allow clearance for the door swing. That is, space that still allows for the swing of the door and room for the wheelchair.

You also need rails. These are required for ensuring that the chair, and the passenger, do not go over the edge.

Here are some thing that you should know about aluminum ramps:

One of the key benefits of aluminum is that it is not permanent, meaning you can relocate it, if need be. So if you move to a new home, say one that is better designed inside for limited mobility, you can take the ramp with you. This material is also light so relatively easy for transport.

Aluminum is weatherproof. While wood can be made weatherproof, it still requires refinishing in order to prevent the formation of mildew and rot.

Because of the ability to move these ramps,. They are available for rental use. This is the ideal approach to take if the wheelchair use will be temporary.

So how does that stack up against a wooden wheelchair ramp?

Wood offers more design flexibility, for both slope and visual aesthetics. You can have a ramp that actually looks attractive and compliments your home, as opposed to strictly functional.

Wood is still a cost-effective approach to take. You get a quality product for an affordable price.

Keep in mind though, when compared to aluminum, wood is a permanent fixture and it requires maintenance, as well as eventual replacement.

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